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From: Tom Hudson <>
Date: Sun Aug 1 10:50:25 2004

For me, it was a choice between the Compucolor II and an Apple II. The
decision was based on the Compucolor's built-in RGB monitor vs. the
Apple's RF video output, which I felt was not as good-looking. That
plus the fact that I'd have to buy an expensive color TV as well as the
computer, and that would have broken my budget.

You're right about the quirks. The screen RAM was used as a buffer when
the floppy was doing certain operations. And the file system was truly
strange -- If you saved a file with the same name as an existing one, it
would leave the old one intact and create a new file with an incremental
version number. IIRC, that was a leftover from the 8-track file system
the previous version of the Compucolor used.


Chandra Bajpai wrote:

>The compucolor II was the system I lusted after when I was a kid...but
>my dad bought a TRS-80 instead.
>Are there any CompuColor II manuals or emulators on line?
>I heard there are quirks to the CompuColor Hardware - like the screen
>buffer is actually used during floppy I/O.
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