Compucolor items on eBay

From: Jim Battle <>
Date: Sun Aug 1 08:58:42 2004

Tom Hudson wrote:
> (Oops, I mistakenly posted this earlier under the wrong subject. Sorry!)
> FYI: A couple of old Compucolor (Intelligent Systems Corporation) items
> on eBay:
> (Software)
> and
> (External floppy drive)
> Man, I wish I still had my Compucolor II and all the software I had
> written for it; I stupidly disposed of all of it back in 1985. It was a
> flimsily-made computer, but it was my first microcomputer and I really
> loved it. Hopefully, comeone on this list will be able to put these
> items to use. I have no connection with the seller; I have a watch out
> on eBay just in case a Compucolor II comes up for bidding at a
> reasonable price...
> -Tom

I have a compucolor II that was donated to me. It is next in the queue
of machines that I want to emulate. I think I have sufficient technical
docs to do it, but if anybody has software to share with me, it makes
the emulator more interesting for sure.

I still have one tasks left on my Sol-20 emulator (adding helios
emulation) and one major task left on my Wang 2200 emulator (getting the
VP mode going). Then it is the compucolor.
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