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From: Tom Hudson <>
Date: Sun Aug 1 10:57:12 2004

I assume your CCII is still working -- if so, you're very lucky. Mine
would blow up about every 9 months or so, and it got to the point where
I'd cringe every time I turned it on, waiting for smoke to come out of
it. The analog board driving the display had some really cute
tendencies, where one component would fail and then take out a number of
others in rapid succession.

I will look and see if somehow some of my Compucolor software survived.
I think I tossed it years ago, but I had some pretty cool stuff,
including an "Asteroids" game I wrote in assembler. You are welcome to
anything I can dig up -- I'll let you know if I find anything.

I used to have all the technical docs and a full set of "Colorcue"
newsletters that Compucolor put out; it's time to go look at my attic


Jim Battle wrote:

> I have a compucolor II that was donated to me. It is next in the
> queue of machines that I want to emulate. I think I have sufficient
> technical docs to do it, but if anybody has software to share with me,
> it makes the emulator more interesting for sure.
> I still have one tasks left on my Sol-20 emulator (adding helios
> emulation) and one major task left on my Wang 2200 emulator (getting
> the VP mode going). Then it is the compucolor.
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