Scooter Computer and Mr. Chips

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Date: Sun Aug 1 15:45:27 2004

I was walking out of the supermarket the other day with my corn and sour
cream and noticed that they were selling a DVD compilation of all the
School House Rock videos ever made, including unreleased and never before
seen episodes. The DVD was $19.99, and they also had a VHS tape at

Amazon listing it for a couple bucks more:

For the uninitiated, School House Rock was a series of interludes shown
during Saturday morning cartoons[1] which put learning concepts (science,
history, mathematics, language, etc.) to rock music. It started in the
mid-1970s and they were shown through to at least the mid-1980s before
they apparently got too outdated to show any more. "Scooter Computer
and Mr. Chips" was a three part series that introduced computer concepts.
Apparently there's a newly(?) produced 4th episode on the DVD.

[1] An institution amongst American children during the 1980s, now defunct
due to the supplanting over time of all the good cartoons with absolute
crap starting with cocaine-induced dreck like The Smurfs and My Little

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