OT: IBM Electric typewriter servicing info needed.

From: Scott Stevens <sastevens_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sun Aug 1 16:24:08 2004

This is offtopic for a Classic Computer list, but it's at least classic
office equipment from IBM:

I recently acquired and am trying to restore an IBM Electric Typewriter.
 This is a pre-Selectric machine, and even pre-Executive machine. My
mother used an IBM Executive electric typewriter years ago to type
church bulletins and misc.

The machine I have is an IBM Type 11C according to the model plate on
the bottom. The few references and pictures I have been able to find
online make it appear this machine was new in the early to mid 1950's.

I can't find any information about this type of machine anywhere. There
are a few Classic Typewriter sites, but what I am looking for is
servicing information, how and where to lubricate, etc. The typewriter
works mostly fine, but a few keys hit much lighter than others and the
carriage shift mechanism is sticky. I've already solved the issue of
not being able to find ribbons by rewinding a new generic fabric ribbon
onto the IBM spools.

I want to restore this machine and use it for writing. There's an
appeal to writing direct to paper that is missing in computer-based
composition of text.

I'd also love to find more resources for older pre-computer IBM
equipment, and possibly a few more pieces of such equipment for my
collection. IBM was once about Time Clocks and such, long before it was
a computer company.
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