OSI repository (was Re: Ohio Scientific Challenger 4P/MF)

From: Dave <dfnr2_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sun Aug 1 17:24:48 2004

Hi Jeff,

I think others here have already told you that the top
phono jack should be composite out. I have just put
up a crude web repository with the OSI stuff I've
managed to scan or cull from the web. A couple of
versions of the C4P user's manual are there. I will
try to scan my SAM'S manuals in the near future, as
well as several OSI-related journals issues and
articles. I'm posting this to the group because it
may be of interest. If anyone has any scans or other
contributions to the repository, they will be
gratefully accepted, and appropriate attributions will
be made. I'd rather take up more space and have high
quality scans, now that high-bandwidth connections are
common. I welcome all comments and suggestions.


--- JMeyer101_at_aol.com wrote:

> Hello all,
> Does anyone have any information or instructions on
> how to connect the 4P to a display? I have the
> computer but I'm not able to connect it to anything.
> There are 6 what appears to be RCA type plugs on
> the back, 2 wide by 3 tall, with + over one column
> and - over the other. What do I need to do to get
> this thing working?
> I also have an Intellec 4 that I am trying to find
> accessories and information for.
> Thanks,
> Jeff

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