OSI repository (was Re: Ohio Scientific Challenger 4P/MF)

From: Bill Sudbrink <wh.sudbrink_at_verizon.net>
Date: Sun Aug 1 21:14:27 2004

> I think others here have already told you that the top
> phono jack should be composite out. I have just put
> up a crude web repository with the OSI stuff I've
> managed to scan or cull from the web. A couple of
> versions of the C4P user's manual are there.

Uh, URL? I've googled a couple of different ways and
don't seem to see you site.

> I will try to scan my SAM'S manuals in the near future, as
> well as several OSI-related journals issues and
> articles.

Yea, I have tons of OSI stuff I want to scan and put up. The
SAM'S are a bear because of the fold-out pages. I've messed
around with trying to just lay them out and photograph them
with a digital camera. The results are unusable so far.
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