VAXStation 4000/90 Hard drive options

From: Mark Wickens <>
Date: Mon Aug 2 06:54:14 2004

Hi all,

A quick question for the VAXen experts out there. Help would very much be

I'd like to know what the maximum drive size is that I can attach to my VAX.
I've never been given a definitive answer, but many people appear to have had
success with drives larger than those 'officially' declared supported. I will
be running OpenVMS.

In particular, I'm wondering whether a Seagate ST39173N which is a 9.1GB 50
pin device will work. There are also several 4.3/4.5GB 50 pin models
available, as well as a huge number of 68 and 80 pin devices that could be
connected via adapters.

I bought a Fujitsu 9.1GB 80 pin SCA drive and attempted to connect this to the
VAX via an 80 - 50 pin converted but the drive was not recognised properly by
either the boot rom or OpenVMS.

Thanks for the help,

Mark Wickens
Rhodium Consulting Ltd
Received on Mon Aug 02 2004 - 06:54:14 BST

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