VAXStation 4000/90 Hard drive options

From: Dan Williams <>
Date: Mon Aug 2 08:46:09 2004

Mark Wickens wrote:

> Hi all,
> A quick question for the VAXen experts out there. Help would very much be
> appreciated.
> I'd like to know what the maximum drive size is that I can attach to my VAX.
> I've never been given a definitive answer, but many people appear to have had
> success with drives larger than those 'officially' declared supported. I will
> be running OpenVMS.
> In particular, I'm wondering whether a Seagate ST39173N which is a 9.1GB 50
> pin device will work. There are also several 4.3/4.5GB 50 pin models
> available, as well as a huge number of 68 and 80 pin devices that could be
> connected via adapters.
> I bought a Fujitsu 9.1GB 80 pin SCA drive and attempted to connect this to the
> VAX via an 80 - 50 pin converted but the drive was not recognised properly by
> either the boot rom or OpenVMS.
> Thanks for the help,
> Mark.

I've got 2x18gb drives internally on mine. They both work fine one boots
vms and the other netbsd. I did have trouble with a couple of drives
with a 80-50 pin convertor, but I did use one seagate 9gb drive which
worked for a while with a convertor.

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