OT stupid Welsh and Americans (was Re: Cirris 1000)

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>> > On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Geoffrey Thomas wrote:
>> >> Should you persist , I shall have no hesitation in initiating the
>> >> use of the verb to " American " - i.e. to invade or destabilise a
>> >> foreign country on false premises or purely for the advancement of
>> >> American capital interests .
>> Is that term applicable when the French do it?
>> paul
>Of course ,
>But our comrade Joe is using a purely perjorative term from the English
>colonial past.

  I might be classified as a lot of things but Comrade is definitely not
one of them! Where the hell did that come from anyway? What have you been
smoking lately?

>That is what I object to , given the English colonial past.
>e.g. Drug Runners - see under Chinese Opium Wars.

   Considering the English colonial past, the English don't have the right
to complain about anything! Not only see Opium wars, see black slavery
(who do you think shipped the slaves to America and the Caribeaan in
exchange for sugar and rum?), Irish potato famine, Endentured Servitude
(another word for slavery), debitor's prison, scalp bounties (both in North
American and for Australian Aborigines), press gangs (ship's crews). Then
go see American Revolution!

  Now do you REALLY want to get into a debate about English colonial past????

   My 2 cents worth,

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