rarest computers. was: RE: Xerox Alto Restoration + Emulation

From: Al Kossow <aek_at_spies.com>
Date: Mon Aug 2 20:56:01 2004

>They have a *very* well done restoration page. Cool project! However, I
>don't believe their claim to have the only original Alto left in existence
>is accurate.

At the time the page was created, no other Alto I's were known to exist.
Since that time, two are known to still exist in PARC storage, and one is
at the CHM.

The Alto I in that picture is now back in the Bay Area also. It was one of
mine at one point.

> I was just wondering. What people on this list consider their
> rarest computers in their collections.
PARC Dorado
PARC Dicentra
National IMP-16P
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