EPROM Erase or Program service

From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Mon Aug 2 20:57:20 2004

Stephane Tsacas wrote:

> I bought 2 items from this guy (3823521398 and 3823072220). He charged
> me $8 for shipping, but from the label on the small box I received
> (and kept) he paid 2.4 dollars only. Of course he doesn't reply to my
> emails anymore.
> I will not buy anything from this guy anymore.

   No offense, but that drives me nuts.

   What's happening on eBay, because way too many buyers take your
stance, is that professional and especially "semi-pro" sellers try to
charge as little as possible for S&H, and then can't afford to pack the
item correctly. That costs you a lot more than the $5.60USD you're
worried about.

   If I sell you an item, I have to find (and usually pay for) a box
that fits it for secure shipping, packing, tape, and labelling, and if
it's shipped USPS, I also have to either weigh it here and print a label
online, or schlep it down to the PO and wait in line to have them do that.

   If all that's not worth $5-6 for a small item or $10-15 for a
PC-sized item, a prospective buyer is welcome to kiss my butt and go

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