EPROM Erase or Program service

From: David V. Corbin <dvcorbin_at_optonline.net>
Date: Mon Aug 2 21:42:59 2004

I have to agree that "shipping" is more than "transport" [i.e. the
UPS/USPS/DHL/FedEx charges].
Just do the business math.

Also it is common to not KNOW the EXACT amount at the time the sales is
closed, so a reasonable approximation is acceptable [at least to me].

As a general "rule" I expect "shipping" to be in the $5-$10 [US] range for
any Item I buy, even if it eventually goes by post for $1.


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>>> Stephane Tsacas wrote:
>>> > I bought 2 items from this guy (3823521398 and
>>> 3823072220). He charged
>>> > me $8 for shipping, but from the label on the small box I
>>> received
>>> > (and kept) he paid 2.4 dollars only. Of course he doesn't
>>> reply to my
>>> > emails anymore.
>>> > I will not buy anything from this guy anymore.
>>> No offense, but that drives me nuts.
>>> What's happening on eBay, because way too many buyers
>>> take your stance, is that professional and especially
>>> "semi-pro" sellers try to charge as little as possible for
>>> S&H, and then can't afford to pack the item correctly.
>>> That costs you a lot more than the $5.60USD you're worried about.
>>> If I sell you an item, I have to find (and usually pay
>>> for) a box that fits it for secure shipping, packing, tape,
>>> and labelling, and if it's shipped USPS, I also have to
>>> either weigh it here and print a label online, or schlep it
>>> down to the PO and wait in line to have them do that.
>>> If all that's not worth $5-6 for a small item or $10-15
>>> for a PC-sized item, a prospective buyer is welcome to kiss
>>> my butt and go elsewhere.
>>> Doc
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