Contact cleaner/lubricant?

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Aug 4 15:31:55 2004

>From: "Bill Sudbrink" <>
>While watching me struggle with the cards in my OSI C4P,
>someone at VCF East (I can't remember who, sorry if it
>was you) suggested a product (I can't remember what, I
>was a bit distracted) that they used to clean and lubricate
>contacts. I just did a little googling and there seem to
>be two "major" products: Stabilant 22 and DeoxIT. Anyone
>care to share their experiences with either of these or make
>another recommendation?

Hi Bill
 I've only had experience with DeoxIT. It seems to work
well but before these products were around, I used
DC #4 ( Dowe Corning ) silicon grease and also an automotive
product called SilGlyde.
 You shouldn't use ordinary lubricating grease because
these have too high of a film strength. The silicon grease
used for heat sinks is not good either because of the
filler ( white stuff ).
 Any of these will work miracles. I use this type of product
on most card edges and ROM sockets. I've even been know
to use it on boards with all socketed parts.
 If you look back in the archieves you'll see that I've
talked about this stuff before.
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