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From: Keys <>
Date: Wed Aug 4 15:10:32 2004

I get this problem a lot and have now started turning down equipment that is
too common. I got an email the other day to come pick up for free 34
complete systems (486 to P550's), had to pass. Sunday I was offered several
G3 towers for free, had to pass. The list goes on and yes people do get mad
at you for not taking their items. Even with a wanted list and donation
policy online people seem to still want to give me newer generic stuff. But
I still take items sometime just to be nice to little old ladies that call.
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> On Wed, 4 Aug 2004, Jules Richardson wrote:
> > I'm trying to figure out a way that we can take everything in order to
> > save it, but then offer things we're not interested in or can't
> > physically store long-term to other collectors (on this list, for
> > instance). I don't like the idea that if the museum doesn't take offered
> > equipment that a lot of the time it will get thrown out.
> This dilemma is common amongst computer museums actually. There are
> numerous problems, the least of which is insulting the donor if you do end
> up selling of his/her prized computing possession as unworthy for your
> collection :(
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