Donation policy was Re: CHM gripe

From: John Foust <>
Date: Wed Aug 4 18:56:24 2004

At 03:10 PM 8/4/2004, "Keys" <> wrote:
>I get this problem a lot and have now started turning down equipment that is
>too common. I got an email the other day to come pick up for free 34
>complete systems (486 to P550's), had to pass. Sunday I was offered several
>G3 towers for free, had to pass. The list goes on and yes people do get mad
>at you for not taking their items. Even with a wanted list and donation
>policy online people seem to still want to give me newer generic stuff. But
>I still take items sometime just to be nice to little old ladies that call.

If you don't want the stuff, do you pass along the tips
to this mailing list or any other computer rescue list?

- John
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