TEK UNIX history

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed Aug 4 18:07:42 2004

> The 8550 and 8560 (I miswrote it as 8260) did use LSI-11's. The 8550 I
> think ran DOS-50 (I think it only had two 8" floppy drives), and
> the 8560 was the one that ran UNIX, although I'm positive
> the OS wasn't UTek. It was more an AT&T System-III variant (as

T-Nix? I seem to remember that's what the manuals that came with mine
said, anyway (I have one of each flavour, I really must dig them out and
get them fired up...)

> opposed to UTek, which had its roots in 4.2bsd). I can't
> remember what they called it, but it wasn't UTek. I used
> to have an 8560 with single Qume DT-8 floppy drive and the Micropolis
> 40MB 8" drive. Thing sounded like a small jet plane at takeoff when

It's a Micropolis 1200-series drive, also used in the PERQ 2T1. I have
service information (_real_ service information) for the drive, and a
homebrew test box that plugs into the 34 pin header on the logic board.

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