Gaps in the collection (was Re: rarest computers. )

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Wed Aug 4 23:58:10 2004

>>> Heh Heh! you run a 35 drive train fast enough to decode
>>> 30 baud the thing WILL explode!

Silly typos!!!

1) At 30 Baud [aka 3 or 2.727272 cps] it could take up to 18 minutes to
print a page!

2) At the original post of 300 Baud [30 or 27.2 cps] the mechanisim WOULD
fly apear, but make a cool animated video!

Wondering what a TTY [really 110 baud] would look like if the video was sped
up to run at a "modern" speed...

Wondering if I have had just WAY too much cafine and need to go crash....
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