Article on data rot on CD's

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Aug 5 08:40:37 2004

>>>>> "John" == John Foust <> writes:

 John> At 10:42 AM 8/4/2004, you wrote:
>> Depending on the case/safe/cabinet, it may actually help quite a
>> bit. They are generally rated to 1200 degrees or higher for 45
>> minutes or longer. If you have a 1200 degree fire for 45 minutes,
>> then your house is a total loss.

 John> Some of the CD longevity articles talk about this... those
 John> safes are rated to preserve paper. The char or combustion
 John> temperature for paper is far higher than the highest
 John> temperature that a CD-R will survive.

True, unless they are "computer media" safes; those are designed to
stay cool and dry.

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