Zilog Z8038 Z-FIO document available

From: SHAUN RIPLEY <vax3900_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Aug 5 08:31:02 2004

--- "Kane, David (DPS)" <David.Kane_at_aph.gov.au> wrote:

> > ..I remember that somebody on the list tried to
> make a collection of
> zilog chip documents.
> That might be Joe R. (looking at old messages), or
I sent the document to Joe R.

> Al Kossow might want
> it for bitsavers.
Oh, There is an Al_Kossow on the list. He must hate me
because I snapshot his ebay bid of an 80186 emulator.
He got the manual though.

> Any chance the book has details on the Z-ASCC?
I heard that Z-ASCC is just the Z-SCC with async part

vax, 3900

> David

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