Gaps in the collection

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri Aug 6 17:36:26 2004

> or disk/tape drives that work with it... I mean... I like VMS and I've been
> using it for 20 years, but unless I want to plug in a particular peripheral,
> I'd rather run a desk-top-sized machine than a rack, just for power/heat
> reasons (for the record, I use the 8300 because I have a stack of VAXBI

For an alternative viewpoint, the only VAXen I'd want to run at home are
the 11/730 and the 11/780 family (11/780, 11/782, 11/785). The reason is
those are the only ones I can actually understand the internals of --
they're built from standard chips (non-protected PALs in the 11/730,
admittedly), rather than custom gate arrays or worse).

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