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From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Aug 5 23:18:16 2004

On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 05:08:44AM -0800, wrote:
> > > I would kill for a VAX 6000 in the UK. Mmmmm... *dribble*
> >
> > :D I walk past a 6000-410 every time I go upstairs here, and there's a
> > 7000 just round the corner in stores. They're both backup machines for a
> > customer though so you can't have 'em.
> Bastard. Dibs! ;)

Not to be critical (I own several VAXen myself including an 8300), but can
you explain the appeal of a 6000 at home? I agree they are cool boxes
that are fun to work on (a lot more fun than Nautilus-based machines in my
experience), but to me, a particular model (of anything from DEC) has appeal
because of the bus type (or none for pre-1970 machines) or memory capacity
or disk/tape drives that work with it... I mean... I like VMS and I've been
using it for 20 years, but unless I want to plug in a particular peripheral,
I'd rather run a desk-top-sized machine than a rack, just for power/heat
reasons (for the record, I use the 8300 because I have a stack of VAXBI
COMBOARDs that I helped design and did all the programming (firmware/device
driver, etc.) for - if I don't want to fiddle with VAXBI stuff, I fire up
a MicroVAX).

Again... not a criticism, just curious about what makes the 6000 line
interesting to you.
> > BA23 is the way forward, though still bloody heavy.
> I was just chatting to Greg this morning about swapping my worldbox for a
> BA23. Sad to see it go because it's so pretty and noisy, but I can rack a
> BA23 and get some work out of it.

I always liked the BA123 because you could mount a TK50 and a couple of drives
in there and not have boxes and cables running everywhere. Rack mount boxes
are great, of course, but our uVAX-II rigs were always a pain because of all
the goodies we had to hang off of them to get them upgraded to the point where
we could do some development of our products on them.

It's not so bad, I guess, if you have a SCSI card and put a 600MB SCSI drive
inside the BA23 where you normally find an RD53 or RD54. If you are stuck
with RQDX3 controllers (like we were), getting enough disk space becomes a


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