Holy cow...

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Date: Fri Aug 6 19:49:33 2004

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>my job takes me a lot of different places. Two years ago, yes, TSA was not
as organized or as efficient as today. They are doing a necessary job to
keep planes flying and people going where they want to go. Due to the fact
that I worked for TSA two years ago, I am very familiar with what they have
gone through. Now, all you do is check your bags in and they open them only
if their MRI machine spots something with enough mass to potentially be a
problem. They don't make you wait in line much longer now than you did
before TSA was there. Passenger screening is also very efficient at most
large airports anyway. They started with the notes inside when they quit
having you stand in front of them while they checked your bags. I haven't
been through any in the last year that did it the old way.
>As for it being BS, I disagree. I would rather have things safer than
welcome another attack on US soil because things weren't being checked.

  It is BS when 10 million illegal Mexicans and others can simply walk
across the border and enter (and stay) the US. And lets not even get into
how many TONs of drugs are shipped into the US everyday. I live near one
of the busiest airports in the US (OIA) and there's hardly a week goes by
that I don't hear of a bust at OIA or Miami or some other majot airport
where baggage handlers are smuggling in TONS of illlegal drugs, weapons,
animals and other material. A recent check at OIA revealed that there were
several HUNDRED badges missing that would allow anyone with one of them to
get into the secure areas of the airport. INS recently raided Miami airport
and arrested allmost 50 baggage handlers that were illegal aliens yet they
still had access to secure areas of the airport. I could go on and on but
my point is that the passengers being screened and harassed over and over
but there are PLENTY of other areas in the airports, ports and borders of
this country where security is non-existant! If 10+ million mexicans can
walk across the border don't you think 10 terrorists can do the same thing?

  Security is one thing but mindless, pointless inspections and taking away
things like eye glass screwdrivers is something else altogether.


>best regards, Steve Thatcher
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>>On Fri, 6 Aug 2004, Joe R. wrote:
>>> >You know when your bag was checked because the TSA puts a form in your
>>> >saying they did.
>>> I beg to differ. I sat in Kansas City airport two years ago and spent
>>> abut 3 or 4 hours with the security people and watched as they opened
>>> numerous bags and I didn't see them put a sticker on ANY of them. Even
>>> flying and reclaiming baggage I've never seen one of those stickers.
>>Have you flown recently?
> No and I have no intentions of flying as long as this crap continues. I
>have a very low treshold for BS! So don't expect to see me at VCF or
>anywhere else if it involves flying.
> Joe
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