Holy cow...

From: Steve Thatcher <melamy_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Fri Aug 6 19:59:55 2004

eyeglass screwdrivers and even nail files were taken off the list later last year. The people that are there are doing their job and are not given the ability to make decisions and exceptions on their own. People making exceptions and doing their own security thing on 9/11 resulted in thousands of dead people.

Sure, the borders need to be protected better, but at least a person running into the side of a building will only give the person a headache. Of course, I would suppsoe that he would sue the buiding manufacturer and win because there is no sign warning someone of getting hurt if they do that...

As for missing badges, most security systems require the badge and an ID code to enter, so just having a badge doesn't help much unless security is already lax at the airport. People are to badge in, enter their code, and then close the door so the next person does the same procedure.

If Miami is ruuning that badly then there is a good problem to start with.

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