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From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Fri Aug 6 18:27:28 2004

Re: 11/45

I suspect if a nice DEC rack with 11/45 and peripherals showed up on ebay,
it would easily go over $1000, possibly almost $2000. I'd hazzard a guess at
$1500. One can argue if this is the "value" or not, but regardless, I
suspect that's what it would go for on ebay.

On the other hand... I was a lucky one and got my 11/45 for $100. Of course
I had to drive 600 miles round trip to get it. Far as I'm concerned, I got
an incredible deal. I asked the guy what he wanted for it and he said "I
want a little for my trouble, but mainly want it to go to a good home".

As a new starting collector, with NO systems at all... I was given my very
first system by a fellow collector - he used to be on this list. A PDP-8E,
Rack, TU-56, and PC-05 (yes, an 05, not an 04), all in pretty darn nice
condition. Also got a box or two of spare cards. The price - Free. He even
drove halfway to get it to me.

Ebay prices are funny though - for a while a given item will fetch a kings
ransome, then just a few weeks later, the same item goes several times for
1/10th of the past 3 auctions. Look at the HP suitcase singleboard
computers. I've seen them go for well over a hundred. Not just once, but
many times. Then I saw many go WELL under a hundred, some weren't even bid
on. I'm halfway interested in one of these by the way ;)

I guess if it were me, I'd offer the guy $300 if it includes peripherals
(mine didn't). That's certainly not a "slap in the face", and not a
ridiculously large amount either. Just my 2 milli-dollars worth.

Jay West
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