GRiD Compass II 1137

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Date: Tue Aug 3 10:56:24 2004

I picked up the Grid with no documentation. The device boots up and lets me choose an OS (either MS-DOS 2.11 with BIOS Version C or Version 134.1.4 GRiD-OS / Version 31.0.0 of Common Code).

If I boot into MS-DOS, I get an A: prompt. If I do a "dir" command, it brings up 3 files but that's it.

If I boot into the GRiD-OS, I can get to some menus, but then it needs a password to continue. Does anyone know a hack to bypass the password? Or does anyone have access to the GRiD-OS software so I can reinstall?

I would like to get this thing working but it is very difficult to find any information. Any ideas?


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