GRiD Compass II 1137

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Sun Aug 8 13:49:41 2004


  I don't know about your particular model but some of the Grids had an
EPROM in them that you could boot from. As you would expect they have very
few files on them. If the CMOs lost it's settings you could still boot from
the EPROM and you would only see it's few files and you couldn't see any of
the files on the hard drive. It sounds like this might be your situation.
On mine the EPROM was located on the left just above the keyboard.


At 11:56 AM 8/3/04 -0400, you wrote:
>I picked up the Grid with no documentation. The device boots up and lets
me choose an OS (either MS-DOS 2.11 with BIOS Version C or Version 134.1.4
GRiD-OS / Version 31.0.0 of Common Code).
>If I boot into MS-DOS, I get an A: prompt. If I do a "dir" command, it
brings up 3 files but that's it.
>If I boot into the GRiD-OS, I can get to some menus, but then it needs a
password to continue. Does anyone know a hack to bypass the password? Or
does anyone have access to the GRiD-OS software so I can reinstall?
>I would like to get this thing working but it is very difficult to find
any information. Any ideas?
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