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From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Sun Aug 8 18:56:30 2004

Philip Pemberton wrote:

> Needless to say, I have a very low tolerance for this kind of BS. I didn't
> use any of the film (I ended up replacing it), but just for kicks I sent one
> roll to be developed. Rather predictably, it was completely fogged.
> Some of these people would probably fare better in a field that requires less
> use of their obviously overstressed brains... maybe street-sweeping?

   A couple of months before 9/11 I checked into Miami Int'l with my
pocket-knife in my pocket. In the US at the time, a blade under 3" was
acceptable. I had my Gerber lockblade which is a 2.25" blade, but still
comes in under 3" if the heel of the blade is measured.

   The young lady at the security gate opened the knife, measured it
accross her tiny palm, and told me she'd be keeping it. I politely
objected, she politely showed me that the blade was longer than her hand
was wide, and informed me that that proved it was too long. I asked her
to measure it properly and was told it was unnecessary. I politely told
her that I would be standing there until she found a ruler or I was

   A couple of minutes later, a Very Large Security Lady appeared and
politely asked me if there was a problem. I told her "This person wants
to confiscate my knife and I'm certain it's under 3 inches." She asked
the guard for the knife, opened it, laughed, and said "look here", and
held it up against her huge palm."

   That little guard just held up her open hand. The big one blinked,
said "Oh. We'll get you a ruler." thanked me for my patience, and handed
me my knife.

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