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Date: Sat Aug 7 03:52:27 2004

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> No and I have no intentions of flying as long as this crap continues. I
> have a very low treshold for BS! So don't expect to see me at VCF or
> anywhere else if it involves flying.
I had a load of trouble at one of the main UK international airports a few
years ago (about a month before 9/11). I took a laptop computer and an
Olympus OM10 SLR camera with me. So I get up to the security terminal (or
whatever they call it) and ask if they can hand-search the laptop bag and
camera bag, or at the very least the camera bag (I had loads of high-speed
film in there).
Me> "Can you hand-search my camera bag? I've..."
Them> "No. The scanner won't fog your film"
Me> "Well, it's just that there's five rolls of extremely high speed
      professional film in there, plus one in the camera. Can't you at least
      take the film out and check it by hand?"
Them> "Tough. It has to go through the scanner. It won't fog your film."
Me> "So no exceptions for camera film then."
Them> [whispers something to his supervisor]
Them> "No. Your bags have to go through the scanner"
Idiot at back of line> "Come on f*ckwit, get a move on. Boarding for my
      flight closes in ten minutes and I need to be in Aberdeen by noon!"

Needless to say, I have a very low tolerance for this kind of BS. I didn't
use any of the film (I ended up replacing it), but just for kicks I sent one
roll to be developed. Rather predictably, it was completely fogged.
Some of these people would probably fare better in a field that requires less
use of their obviously overstressed brains... maybe street-sweeping?

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