DOS looking like a mainframe project

From: Ron Hudson <>
Date: Sun Aug 8 22:12:40 2004

Ok, Here's another pet project of mine.. I Have a simple DOS6.22
installed in one of my laptops, and
I want to make it look like as much like an IBM (it's an IBM laptop too
btw) mainframe as possible. I am working
on a vauge memory from a job over 10 years ago when I had an account on
the R&D little mainframe.

I think the machine was an early AS400, It filled 3 Equipment Racks.

This was about the time of the Loma-Preata Earthquake (for non
california readers, I forget the year but
both San Francisco and Oakland, and San Jose were all effected by it,
and that was the one where the
freeway collapsed and many of the buildings in SF's Marina District
suffered from liquifacation)

I think it ran somthing like VM/OS, anyway it had Xedit for a system
editor and I have "the heisling
editor" which is very much like xedit.

Can any one capture screens from a Mainframe like this? I'd love to see

Esp. the login screen, A directory/datset screen (where in you put an
X near a file and hit
enter to edit the file.) and any other sorts of menu screens.

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