DOS looking like a mainframe project

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Date: Mon Aug 9 11:21:33 2004

not quite the right vintage but somewhere I have a shareware IBM/360
emulator, or perhaps SIMH has a as400 mode?


> Ok, Here's another pet project of mine.. I Have a simple DOS6.22
> installed in one of my laptops, and
> I want to make it look like as much like an IBM (it's an IBM laptop too
> btw) mainframe as possible. I am working
> on a vauge memory from a job over 10 years ago when I had an account on
> the R&D little mainframe.
> I think the machine was an early AS400, It filled 3 Equipment Racks.
> This was about the time of the Loma-Preata Earthquake (for non
> california readers, I forget the year but
> both San Francisco and Oakland, and San Jose were all effected by it,
> and that was the one where the
> freeway collapsed and many of the buildings in SF's Marina District
> suffered from liquifacation)
> I think it ran somthing like VM/OS, anyway it had Xedit for a system
> editor and I have "the heisling
> editor" which is very much like xedit.
> Can any one capture screens from a Mainframe like this? I'd love to see
> them..
> Esp. the login screen, A directory/datset screen (where in you put an
> X near a file and hit
> enter to edit the file.) and any other sorts of menu screens.
> Thanks.
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