TKQ50 proms

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Mon Aug 9 12:23:07 2004

On Aug 9 2004, 7:46, Ed Kelleher wrote:
> At 07:23 AM 8/9/2004, Pete Turnbull wrote:
> >I'm looking for ROMs (or ROM images would be better) for a TQK50
> >controller. The ROMs I want are 23-330E5 and 23-331E5. Can anyone
> >help?

> Have 2 TQK50's K3 Rev with those ROM's on them I'm not using.
> Haven't fiddled with the EPROM machine for years, so no easy way to
>get the images.
> But I'll send you a board if nothing better turns up for you.

If no-one else offers, that would be great. Thanks! Is there anyone
out there who could read the (EP)ROMs to save Ed sending them across
the Atlantic to me?

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