eBay Auction of Classic Compaq Luggable

From: Jason McBrien <jbmcb_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Mon Aug 9 12:37:27 2004

I bought one at Salvation Army for $10. They thought it was a sewing machine
Works great, comes with 20GB MFM hard drive. A bit non-stock, but still
I'm going to see if Minix will run on it, with an Etherlink I network card

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Subject: Re: eBay Auction of Classic Compaq Luggable

> starting price is kinda high ($50)
> Although he says that it works, but that he doesn't know
> what ports it has, if you go to the picture of the expansion
> you'll see Compaq CGA, Compaq parallel, non-Compaq parallel
> (Compaq uses different hold down screw, but permits 5150 style)
> and a non-Compaq serial port (probably 8250) rattling around,
> not plugged in at all!
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