Lost Vector Computers to Another Start up

From: Keys <jrkeys_at_concentric.net>
Date: Thu Aug 12 18:10:11 2004

It's bad luck for me in that for the last 8 months every time something
really nice comes up I get beat out at the last minute (not counting the
029). I can't collect everything out there but I'm looking to get a few key
items other than the everyday PCs that come my way to have in the museum
collection. Yes, it's nice that other new museums and collectors start
collecting computer items but also there is a limited number of rare items
out there and the price sometimes goes way too high for the small guy to get
anything. I did contact the museum and wished them well and told them that
maybe we could work together sometimes on large or small projects in the
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> On Thu, 12 Aug 2004, Keys wrote:
> > A guy contacted me back on the 10th offering me a complete line of
> > Graphic Computers. Hardware, manuals (tech & user), and sales literature
> > all of it, free for pickup. Asked him the same day when and were could I
> > pick it all up and today I get my answer back saying it's all gone to a
> > startup computer museum at the UT-Arlington campus. Talk about bad luck
> > everyone here in Texas wanting to start a computer museum.
> Why is that bad luck? I see it as positive that more oragnizations are
> popping up to preserve this stuff. One organization should not have
> everything anyway. What if that organization has financial problems or,
> worse, goes under?
> We've seen this in the past, and it is not pretty.
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