Let's develop an open-source media archive standard

From: Lyle Bickley <lbickley_at_bickleywest.com>
Date: Thu Aug 12 18:12:42 2004

I've been following this discussion - and figured that "someone" else in the
world surely must had been working on this issue. I contacted the Computer
History Museum - and they pointed me to the "Dublin Core Metadata
Initiative" (DCMI). This is an international organization that has been
working for years in the specific area of preserving bits. BTW, they have
an open source license (DCMI Open Source) on all their material.

See: http://dublincore.org/about/
Also: http://dublincore.org/tools/

My suggestion would be to review carefully what's already been
accomplished - and if you think that they are messing up, work with them to
accomplish their objectives.

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