Motorola In Circuit Emulator and similar stuff available

From: Jay West <>
Date: Thu Aug 12 18:33:02 2004

I saw this stuff at the surplus dealer today. I don't know anything about
this, but it sounded/looked list stuff some here may be interested in.

1) Motorola EVB/EVM/EVS Software disk with an M68HC05EVM board

2) P&E Microsystems ICS05JPW In Circuit Simulator for Windows diskette, plus
M68ICS05JP board

3) MMDS08 or MMD508 software and lots of manuals, plus M68EM08 board

4) M68EVB912B32 circuit board

They had a price tag of $25 on each of the 4 items above. Each one seemed
pretty complete, with lots of papers, diskettes, PLCC adapter with ribbon
cable, power supplies, serial cable to hook up to host PC, etc.

Anyways, thought folks might have interest.

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