Motorola In Circuit Emulator and similar stuff available

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Aug 12 18:58:37 2004

Rumor has it that Jay West may have mentioned these words:
>I saw this stuff at the surplus dealer today. I don't know anything about
>this, but it sounded/looked list stuff some here may be interested in.
>1) Motorola EVB/EVM/EVS Software disk with an M68HC05EVM board
>2) P&E Microsystems ICS05JPW In Circuit Simulator for Windows diskette, plus
>M68ICS05JP board
>3) MMDS08 or MMD508 software and lots of manuals, plus M68EM08 board
>4) M68EVB912B32 circuit board
>They had a price tag of $25 on each of the 4 items above. Each one seemed
>pretty complete, with lots of papers, diskettes, PLCC adapter with ribbon
>cable, power supplies, serial cable to hook up to host PC, etc.
>Anyways, thought folks might have interest.

I'm not calling "Dibs" per-se, but if no-one else is interested in them, I
would be. I've just started tinkering with imbedded CPUs (atmels at the
moment), so if no-one else is interested, lemme know and we can work out
details for a rescue...

Of course, dunno if that's actually a good price or not... maybe dickering
a touch would be in order?

Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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