ASR-33....its alive (sort of)

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Fri Aug 13 14:00:23 2004

To those who have been following my restoral of an ASR-33 [the h-plate
horror], it is finally working in reasonable order <doing the happy dance>

The main items are:

1) need a new rubber for the sriker before I destroy the head (and
sources...a "like new" head would also be great..
2) Ribbon(s)
3) Some key "sticky". Not too bad, about the condition of the machines I
worked on in the 70's
4) Likage for "HereIs" not there (the little white plastic paddle).
5) Getting "On-Line" working...Need either 20mA loopback and/or 20mA/RS-232

It is always progress.....

Also I am going a rescue of some items tomorrow. Most of the lot is spoken
for, but any extra items will be posted on the list for sale...items which
do not move there will be transferred to ePAy after a reasonable period (as
defined by me) to help recover the cost of the rescue.

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