eUROS 8WAS: Is holographic no longer vaporware? (was: Let's develop an open-source media archive standard))

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Aug 13 15:08:01 2004

Am 13 Aug 2004 15:11 meinte der Mouse:
> >> Ah, I long for the good ol' days, when real coins had real names...
> > Yes, my suggestion was Franken and Pfennig, both are real coin names,
> > both are well known in all European languages (Franken, Franc, Franks
> > / Pfennig, Pennig, Penny...)

> "All European languages"? Danish? Finnish? Polish? Slovenian?

> English, for that matter? There isn't much of anything left as far as
> I can see related to "frank" as a coin name, at least not in the North
> American dialect.

Yeah, what about Penny? My reason to select a real (old)
curency name is that such names are still known by most
people, and usualy attached with a rather positive sence
(aka good old times, when we still could by a horse for
5 Thaler and get a room at an inn for 5 Kreuzer)

> > had to come up with the stupis name Euro.

> Like the currency itself, I suspect it's largely a political
> compromise.

The story told is that they where more or less finished,
but already talking for two days in a row about the name
thing, until Waigel came with the artificial crap and
forced it doun the throat.
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