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Date: Fri Aug 13 05:53:37 2004

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> Witchy wrote:
> > Not with Bletchley, they don't have the facilities and
> aside from the
> > volunteers I suspect they don't have the interest either.
> How about the new computer museum at Swindon?

Problem there is it's not really a museum, more an offshoot of the Uni
of Bath's library, so if the library ain't open you can't get in. They
do have a fairly large hall there though, which may be suitable. They
also have a PR company, which is something Bletchley could do with!

>here, apart from INMOS. We do have a Concorde museum opening in the
next week or two,

I'll definitely have to make time to come down and see you then - I'd
like to see that!


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