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> > I've been told we had over 700 people in....maybe I should
> > find out how much the tickets were!
> Full price tickets were ?7.50.

That tallies with Jules' estimations then; it's a pity you weren't at
Bletchley last weekend since both of us were there and we could've given
you a guided tour! You'd still be talking about it now though.....

That reminds me I haven't posted the page of machine pictures from the
storage area I took. Some good stuff in there from an early Acorn Atom,
BBC Model A, boxed (WOW!) Northstar Horizon metal case, other Northstar
stuff including 3 wooden cased machines, PDP 11/10, PDP 11/40, a few PDP
8s, Custom case (UNIQUE! Etc) Compukit UK101, totally boffin'd out Ohio
Scientific and a general view of the museum itself. Hopefully it's on
this machine I'm typing on now.


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