The Trip is On...

From: M Thompson <>
Date: Sat Aug 14 18:37:38 2004

I live about 10 miles south of TF Green airport just off of I-95. If you
are interested in some free Sun Microsystems SS-10s, IPC, IPX, or LX
systems let me know.

At 11:19 PM 8/13/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>And off I go...Traveling up to Wayland to pick up a Teletype, LSI-11, VT-52,
>Assorted Documentation, Commodore 64 Items, and other Misc Stop. Going to
>hopefully stop in RI and pick up an Apollo, IBM Printer and some other
>Most of the known items are already spoke for by some list members, but I
>will post and additional items that are not on "our" keep list early next
>Thanks to Jays wonderful advice, I have checked the spare, and even bought a
>can of "fix-a-flat" (Plus I am AAA).....
>If there is anyone in CT, RI, or South East MA that has computer equipment
>they are looking to dispose of, send me an e-mail...mayby the traveling van
>can stop buy you this weekend [send me a direct e-mail]
>Of course if you have a PDP-8, TU-56 or relased items, the van WILL stop buy
>(even if just to oogle) and will have cash!

Michael Thompson
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