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>> Well...It could be, but is the person uses a dark font on a light
>> background [IMHO as it should be], then the increased area of
>> backgound actually increases radiation!
> Are you shure? I mean, if a light backgroung emmits more radiation,
> then we should switch for black paper as sonn as possible.

This is the difference between a self-luminant display, such as a CRT,
and a reflective display, such as paper. (It's also why I loathe
black-on-white for computer displays - I find it fine for reflective
technologies, such as ink on paper, but horrid for self-luminant
technologies, such as all computer displays I've seen.)

And, technically, yes, black-on-white throws more radiation at you than
white-on-black does, even when it's paper. It's just that the
radiation the discussion was about is X-rays, and with paper, the
radiation in question is reflected ambient light - if you're in a
situation where the ambient X-ray level is high enough to be an issue,
you've got worse worries than whether printing on paper is W-on-B or
B-on-W. :-) (Also, X-rays don't reflect from paper very well,
regardless of the colour of the paper.)

(If displays throwing X-ray radiation is really a concern for you, the
simple fix is to use an LCD display instead.)

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