Help with question about web page access

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Tue Aug 17 17:57:42 2004

While perfectly LEGAL, websites that won't work with last
week's browser are offensive.
Yes, I am exaggerating a bit. But, I do NOT need some asshole
to tell me "I use a browser that is almost 8 months old,
and that site runs just fine."

Why do some jerks make websites that have nothing but text
on them, that CARE about which release of the browser?
Why do some jerks take plain text and put it in a .PDF?

> Without wishing to seem disrespectful or unpleasant, you are basically
> complaining that your 1957 Morris Minor can't keep up with modern motorway
> traffic.

While it may not be very practical for high speed freeway,
where does one get off suggesting that it be banned from
city streets?

BTW, have you ever replaced the brake master cylinder on one?

> Why? I've never understood this obsession with cookies. I mean, *why*?
Because it is RUDE to store your crap on somebody else's machine,
without identifying what is in it.

And some companies make browsers that are so demented that the
default settings permit "cookies" that are executable code!

> So an advert banner site knows that the same computer visited it twice.
> Big wow. Do you stop answering the doorbell in case it's a door-to-door
> salesman? Well, you might, but it would break more things than it would
> fix.
Some have had experiences that call for checking through a peephole
before opening the door.
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