Help with question about web page access

From: Gordon JC Pearce <>
Date: Wed Aug 18 06:47:58 2004

Fred Cisin said:

>> Without wishing to seem disrespectful or unpleasant, you are basically
>> complaining that your 1957 Morris Minor can't keep up with modern
>> motorway
>> traffic.
> While it may not be very practical for high speed freeway,
> where does one get off suggesting that it be banned from
> city streets?

Didn't say it should be banned from city streets, did I?

> BTW, have you ever replaced the brake master cylinder on one?

Yes. Very recently, in fact. The scratches in my forearm are still
stinging, and I suspect a blood test would reveal a fair proportion of
DOT-3 in my bloodstream. I just *love* how you need to be both inside the
car and underneath it at the same time...

>> Why? I've never understood this obsession with cookies. I mean, *why*?
> Because it is RUDE to store your crap on somebody else's machine,
> without identifying what is in it.

Actually they're storing *your* crap on your machine.

> And some companies make browsers that are so demented that the
> default settings permit "cookies" that are executable code!

Don't use them then. Use a proper browser like Firefox or Opera.

>> So an advert banner site knows that the same computer visited it twice.
>> Big wow. Do you stop answering the doorbell in case it's a door-to-door
>> salesman? Well, you might, but it would break more things than it would
>> fix.
> Some have had experiences that call for checking through a peephole
> before opening the door.

As I have said previously, Firefox has got really good cookie management -
you can specify whether you want to block, allow or warn when a cookie
arrives, for each site that you visit. Great stuff.

I know we all like big, clunky, old computers, but does that mean that
every single piece of software we use has to meet the 10-year-rule too?

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