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From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_siemens.com>
Date: Wed Aug 18 05:26:22 2004

Am 17 Aug 2004 22:53 meinte Tony Duell:
> > (If displays throwing X-ray radiation is really a concern for you, the
> > simple fix is to use an LCD display instead.)
> Alternatively, learn som physics to realise just what the danger from
> 25kV X-rays really is (answer, not a lot!)

No Tony, you must be completely wrong. As lower as the
energy gets, as more dangerous it is. You know, when
they tell us that it's X-Ray, but harmless, that means
they don't want to tell us the truce!


Well, I had my most memorable moment when I bough my
condo and had it redone. I hired a friend of mine to
supervise it. She's an architect and did quite a lot
of similar jobs. So while we where discussing what to
do, she asked me if I want an 'all off switch' in the
bed room. I think I must have looked quite stupid, so
she explained that this would be a switch to cut off
power from the outlets and the light, and that a lot
of people doing projects in a similar setting request

When I argued, that outlets where nothing is plugged
in are already off, and the same goes for the light
(when if I switch it off). She told me that there are
'experts' telling people that these lines still engulf
you in low frequency radio waves, and only a complete
cut off will help.

It took me some time to understand that ... no, that's
a lie, I still haven't understood this mindset. I mean,
what is it good for to 'switch off' the wires in the
sealing which is usualy some 2m away from the place you
rest your head,and keep the ones in the room below, that
is less than a meter away, on 'full radiation power'? Or
have a power outlet 'switched off' when in the same wall,
just a few cm away, on the other side, is a regular one?

I learned even more weiredness about that. For example
you may 'shield' your bed room by having copper wire
wall paper. No, not massive copper fabric, but a rather
wide (>1cm) copper grid to be put on the wall before
the real wallpaper, or even 'higehr quality', wallpaper
that has already some wires in. I mean, beside leaving
the sealing free (in most cases), even the most paranoid
don't put 'em on the floor. Not to mention, that I haven't
found any information aout the frequency range and so on,
but as I see it, it just works because it's there, and
everybody knows, that a metalic cage shields of electricity.
Doesn't it? Boy I'm glad nobody told this to my mobile
phone - otherwise it would stop working inside cars.

Well, so much for electricity, but tha's prety 'normal'
the real weirdos even got for total shielded houses and
are realy concerned about 'earth waves' and 'fields'.
Yeah, right, she told me, she once had a client who
requestes to have a copper layer in the concrete basement
(over here usualy every single house hase a basement, and
usualy made of concrete). Jup, the copper should protect
the family.

Stupid me would be, if at all, more concerned about the
radiation from the concrete itself - not realy stopable
by a few embedded wires.

Well, I could go on for hours.

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