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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Aug 18 06:21:35 2004

Am 17 Aug 2004 19:28 meinte Roger Merchberger:

> Rumor has it that Fred Cisin may have mentioned these words:
> >And some companies make browsers that are so demented that the
> >default settings permit "cookies" that are executable code!

> That's like saying "it's the '98 Jag's fault why you're '57 Morris Minor
> can't keep up with modern traffic." You can't blame the cookies due to some
> brain-dead program!

> Is email bad because of Micro$haft's perverted viruses-spreading crapware?


(I had to jump this)

And realy yes, MS gave eMail a bad name, especialy with
their stupid way of quoteing. I mean, can this be called
quoteing at all? Adding the whole mail and just puting
the cursor at the beginning? I get often mails at work
that are the result of 10 or more such actions ...

Maybe the guy who invented the shit was a huge fan of
HP calculators ... reading previous mails in reverse order.

Of course always includeing all headers and footers.
And of course no way to act context orientated (aka
embedding responses together.

Serious, I hate it.

> ObClassiccmp: I used gotos all the time in my basic code. Am I now Evil
> Incarnate? ;-)

YES! You could have tone the same with gosub and stack modification.
In Applesoft Basic, this would even be supportet by the language.
The POP command just removes one entry from the GOSUB stack :)
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