Power transformer for a Wells Gardner 19V2000 monitor?

From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Wed Aug 18 22:57:38 2004

Would anyone know where I can find a power transformer for a Wells
Gardner 19V2000 X/Y
display monotor?

This needs 60 VAC center-tapped, and 6.3 V for the CRT heater.
 According to the spec sheets on
line the monitor draws 122 watts, so a 3 amp 60 volt center tapped
transformer sounds about right.

I don't know what the CRT heater draws however.

Did the old Asteroids machines use a single transformer to drive the X/Y
display and the logic?
Was a single transformer used to drive the deflection amps and CRT heater?
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