Power transformer for a Wells Gardner 19V2000 monitor?

From: O. Sharp <ohh_at_drizzle.com>
Date: Wed Aug 18 23:59:17 2004

Bob Shannon wrote, in part:

> Would anyone know where I can find a power transformer for a Wells
> Gardner 19V2000 X/Y display monotor?

The last time I needed one, I had it custom-wound. But that was quite a
while ago, and indeed for an X/Y prototype. :) Is your monitor from a
video arcade game? If so, the simplest method would probably be to find a
coin-op distributor-and-repair place and buy one from them. If you look at
the list at http://www.pinball.com/dist.html you should be able to find
something near you... these are listed as Williams and Bally distributors,
but they're likely to have access to Atari parts as well.

> Did the old Asteroids machines use a single transformer to drive the X/Y
> display and the logic? Was a single transformer used to drive the
> deflection amps and CRT heater?

Not 100% positive about Atari machines, but I'm very confident the answer
will be yes. Most of the coin-op manufacturers used a single transformer
for each unit, and it drove everything - monitor, monitor heater,
+5/+12/+27/-5 power supplies, lamps and lockout mechanisms on the coin
door, and the fluourescent lamp and ballast on the sign atop the unit - as
well as jumpers at the input end for 110/220 VAC input voltages and
further jumpers for compensating for high-end or low-end line voltages.
Them transformers were big heavy bastards. :) It was a pretty standard
practice, so I'd be surprised if Atari didn't do it as well. If you can
find an appropriate transformer for your monitor, you should be able to
run lots of other goodies off of it at the same time. :)

Hope this helps!

     (who's wondering now if I still have all those old
       coin-op video-game schematics lying around here
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