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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Thu Aug 19 05:40:03 2004

Am 18 Aug 2004 23:00 meinte Tony Duell:
> > No Tony, you must be completely wrong. As lower as the
> > energy gets, as more dangerous it is. You know, when

> Many a true word is spoken in jest :-). In some cases the more
> 'penetrating' radiation is less dangerous because it passes straight
> through you. I am told, for example, that it can be much more dangerous to
> swallow an alpha particle source than a gamma ray source because the
> alphas are absorbed by bits of your body and do naaty things, although
> sitting on the bench, the alpha source is the safer, since the radiation
> is trivial to screen out. Needless to say I have no intention of swallowing
> either

I like that example.

> > she asked me if I want an 'all off switch' in the
> > bed room. I think I must have looked quite stupid,

> Actaully, if I was planning a workshop from scratch (something I've never
> had the luxury of doing), I would include an 'all off' switch near the
> door and make sure everyone in the house knew about it. Not because I am
> worried about radiation, but in case I connected myself to the mains or
> something.

Jup, that's exactly why I incooperated one of these nice
big red mushrooms into my computerroom. Ok, it is only
disconecting all outlets on the workbench wall, but that
are the ones I'm concerned about.

> > Well, I could go on for hours.

> Somebody really needs to give the public a decent
> scientific education....

Speaking of that, there was a somewhat nice what-if
documentation lately on one of the channels. The idea
was that there's an alien signal found and then along
the decodeing it is revealed that roswell was not about
a UFO landing, but rhater that they already got a first
signal back then. Now, according to this fictional story
the US government started an educational offensive to
teach science to the people to prepare them for the
truth ... just to 'learn' that more knowledge makes the
public even more frightened...

What an aristocratic view. Made without any hint of
irony. It must have been a perfect reasoning for the
writer of that show.

I mean, we all know that the US is still stuck in a
mindset like in 18th century aristocratic Europe (aka
the hard time to distinguish between the buerocracy,
the state and the rulers in every day language, and
of course the all over attitute of 'He'st he President,
so he's right, and we have to support him) - hey,we all
like that to some extend, but such a reasoning, does
underline that mindset in an unbeatable way ... the
paupers shall know need to know, otherwise it would
destroy their puny minds...

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